Monday, March 5, 2012

Republican Circus

So I can't help but notice all these ads for the republican circus on TV. And by circus I of course mean the race to the national convention. Turn on the TV and you can't go for one show without seeing a crapton of Romney ads. I am so sick of his "I'll test each program to see if it warrants borrowing money from China" one.

Gall is that an annoying commercial. But one that makes me laugh is the "Restore our Future" Super PAC against Santorum calling him a fiscally irresponsible pork grabber. Hilarious.

However it's also upsetting because I think Barack Obama would win almost every state if he were to run against Santorum. I think enough voters realize that the tune Santorum sings is only the same social distractors that buttfuck conservatives like him have been using since well before Reagan to keep the focus away from real issues such as poverty, education, and our national debt.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where have I been?

Since my wife and I both have today off I figured we'd do something quintessentially Boise, since she's from Lewiston and hasn't been around I jumped on the net to price out a few places, Zoo, Birds of Prey, the new aquarium I heard was very cool. But after seeing the price tag and deciding we also wanted to go to lunch they all were a little too much for our cheap day off/out.

So I finally looked up my favorite movie theatre in town. The dollar theartre/Overland Park Cinemas. While i know you can't catch a movie there for a buck anymore I do remember vividly seeing getting a ticket, popcorn and drink for about $3.50 the last time I was there. I was a senior in highschool and walked there with my brother and sister to see the first Transformers movie.  Ya ya ya that was a few years ago but still I was upset to see they're prices have been raised to six bucks for the same goods.

YIKES!!! Six bucks at the dollar theatre! When I remember fondly walking there during the summer with my family and all five of us got in for 5 bucks. I guess you don't have to be an old fogey to remember how the bench has changed here in Boise!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hands Off Public Lands

Dear Rick Santorum,

Keep your greedy hands off our public lands here in Idaho, the West, and even your so much loathed Pennsylvania forest. There is a reason so much land is owned and operated by the Federal Government, states can't handle it. States can not be counted on to come up with the funding and manpower to protect the millions of acres here in Idaho from being ravaged or from becoming unmanaged land that chokes itself out. Santorum incorrectly believes the earth was put here to support humans. Incorrect, and so is the notion that we are here to support the earth, that's also wrong.

Both the earth and the human race are here to SUPPORT EACH OTHER. Man has lived for many thousands of years with this planet, helping to manage it. While in the past several hundred years it seems as though we've lost our way and are exploiting the earth, it's time to realize that the wild lands of Idaho have a purpose, it's not to be sold off to private companies to strip mine and clear cut either, nor is it for the state to lease and sell off. It is for all of us as citizens to share in, use wisely for it's resources, and keep healthy to recycle our wastes into, be they CO2 or CO or whatever. The earth is something living and we are a part of that.

Currently here in Idaho I think our public lands are well managed, and we have a healthy balance between preservation and utilization. The only reason Santorum thinks our public lands are worhtless is because they aren't making money. I'm here to tell you that the earth is not about making money, it's about being our home. You wouldn't exploit your home would you? (If your answer is yes you're too far gone I'm afraid).

Long story short is this, any politician who thinks our money problems can be saved by continuing to exploit our home, rather than use it wisely so it will be there for our future, is a damn fool.

That's your Rick Santorum!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Being Gay a Choice?

First of all let me preface by saying, no being LGBTQ is not a choice. There, now that's out of the way, let's begin to entertain the Idaho Senator's ideas that sexual identity is a choice.

If being gay is a choice it shouldn't be protected. WRONG it should. Religion is a choice that we protect in this nation and in this state. You can be an athiest, a mormon, a catholic, a muslim, or even a pagan. We aren't allowed to discriminate and we aren't suppossed to pass laws limiting or prohibiting that behavior. People also choose to own property in this country and we vehemently protect that. We don't keep them from owning homes if they can afford them, we don't discriminate against those who choose to buy a house, or to have a car, or any other damn thing they choose to own. So sorry Idaho senate you can't tell me or any other Idahoan that just because being gay is a choice we shouldn't protect them.

That being said, let me also say you don't have to be gay to be for equal rights.

Busing and Trucking

So last night at the District 17 legislative forum I found out that public transit here in Idaho could possibly take a big hit, especially in the Treasure Valley without the ability for public decision tax bills. Currently in Idaho we are not allowed to put local option taxes on the ballot. These are the taxes for building that proposed trolley system or light rail, or for other local infrastructure, currently those projects can only be funded by the state.

But as state budgets have been strained by loss of revenue and greater needs in health care and education as our state grows, public transit may take a big hit down the road so to speak. I write this as I think about the inconvenience of waiting for a late bus to get to work on a snowy morning a few weeks ago, or missing the bus just barely trying to get home after work and waiting for the next one to come in half an hour.

Meanwhile it seems the truck speed bill may become a Zombie in the form of raising truck speed limits to 70 rather than 75. HMMM... is all I can say since no real consideration has been given to lowering weight limits so faster trucks will at least weigh less to balance out the difference in maintenance and safety. Oh well a good idea doesn't seem to matter in Idaho if it comes from Boise.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Santorum Sneak Victories

Wow is all I can say. From roaring in the back of the Republican party back Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has leaped over his opponents in Minnesota, Colorado, and even southernish Missouri. While the thought of having this religious wingnut as our Nations very own Ayatollah and supreme ruler scares me to death, I will say it makes me hopeful as well.

As we have gone along Romney has prove to me at least that he is not the Happy Center of the road Moderate his opponents claim he is, but in fact a Rightwing trickledown oaf. With Santorum's victory though, the Right seems even more fractured going into next November then they appeared a few weeks ago. I wonder how this new turn of events will play out.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strategic Planning

So today I got a e letter from my political party here in the fine state of Idaho. (You all can guess who they are). And at the end they had their plans for the road ahead. I'll tell you what the party needs to do more than anything else this election year.



If it can work for the Tea Party crack pots it can work for us. Idaho's districts have been redrawn, their precincts as well. There is an important referendum on the ballot. This year is for the Idaho Democratic Party to run good candidates for senate seats in all 35 districts, representatives for all 70 seats in the Idaho house, all open positions.

A blitz like this can capitalize on GOP fighting between the Ideologue spewing bobble heads on the far right and the Reasonable republicans they call Democrats.

This is the year for our party to make big strides, lets go out and do it all across this awesome state!